5.Isn't it enough.

And as she talked of love that lived on after death
& spirits in the air & karma
& all the ghosts that she had seen
And as she talked of Universal connections
Life's ebb and flow
Astronomy and tarot
I thought,
"You fool."
Isn't it enough
The stars and the moon
The streets and the stones
Art and movies, books and coffee
& the way we build our homes
Isn't it enough
The love between us and within us
Aren't we enough?
How do planes fly
How did we discover Olive oil or wine-
Milk with tea.
Isn't it enough-
Virginia Woolf or TS Eloit
Jane Austen or Nabakov
Frasier and The Sopranos
The ants at work
Tides and clouds
Space, history, time
Life, every moment of it
Every drop of it.