9.Kommandants and Kapos.

I've read more & seen more than enough
Of Kommandants & Kapos,
'The complicity of the German People',
To hope that if such things
Were to happen again
I would be a Rebel, an Objector,
Not just in my words
But in my blood, my bones,
My heart, my skin.
A few months back I was in Munich
Outside a lovely cafe
Watching 4 long haired, blue eyed hippies
Who smelt of dope &
Sat drinking coffee.
Just a few generations past
They would have been in
Smart pressed grey uniforms
(With Death Head insignia),
Still happy in their conversation,
Their laughter,
But soon to head off into the world
There to do
Truly Despicable Things.
My son, he loves to play computer games,
Made by Disney no less,
Where you kick, punch, shoot & destroy-
Kapow! Kaboom!
I want to show him a film or 2
About the Holocaust
Because I need him to know
What violence really is.
But my wife says we should wait
It's too soon, he's just a boy
Let him live, let him grow,
There are certain things, after all,
About which there is no hurry
For any child to know.
She is probably right-
It is my problem not his.
It just pains me to see him killing
So gleefully,
So scientifically
(Strategically, mathematically)
Without compunction or remorse.
He is, after his homework,
Allowed an hour a day
For what, at times, seems to be
His own little holocaust.