21. The Dons.

"What about form?"
"For me it's not about form-
It's about meaning."
"Well, maybe one does not work
Without the other."
"Maybe or definitely, sir,
Which do you believe?"
"I think perhaps
We should take a step back..."
So comfortably reclining,
A fire lit,
Legs crossed, socks showing,
We build our towers,
Brick by brick,
Defending our positions-
Using the rules
We have made
Over the years
"Oh, gracious, your taxi is here."
"Lord, so it is-"
We put down our glasses, pull ourselves up
I put my hand, diffidently, on his back,
While he absently searches his pockets
For this and that
& with a fine feeling
Of time well used-
A job well done-
I return happily to mine 
& he goes happily
Home to his.