Rollo was born in London to an Irish publisher and English poet.  He studied Philosophy at York University.  In 1992 he made his first record; Felix’s ‘Don’t U Want Me’, in a garden shed in Packington Street, Islington.  He charged £300 for his production skills and the use of his (very little) studio – he thought this was a good deal.  The record went on to sell 2½ million copies, allowing him to give up his day job as a gardener and make music.

The 1990’s was a decade of dance music and Rollo was involved in some of its finest moments: Felix, Usura, Kristine W, Sister Bliss, the Rollo Goes series, Gloworm, O.T. Quartet and Frankë – creating hits here and in Europe.

In 1996 he teamed up with Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz to form the electronic act Faithless.  ‘Insomnia’, ‘Salva Mea’, ‘God is a DJ’, ‘We Come One’, ‘Mass Destruction’ followed- 7 albums released and over 15 million records sold.
In 2011, Faithless released the album ‘The Dance’, sold 600,000 records and played to 2 million people, but-in September of that year- they finally decided to hang up there dancing shoes and call it a day-

With Faithless, Maxi Jazz wrote all the raps and Rollo wrote the lyrics.  Rollo also co-wrote and produced his sister Dido’s first 2 albums, No Angel and Life for Rent, (each of which sold has over 12 million copies).

In his spare time (!) Rollo produced the first One Eskimo album ‘All Balloons’. He wrote the lyrics for the songs ‘Amazing’ and ‘Kandi’ (which won AAA song of the year in America). He was Oscar nominated in 2011 for the co write (lyrics again) of ‘If I Rise’ (from Danny Boyle’s film 127 hours).

Since Faithless coming to an end, Rollo has finished the production on a new (and stunning ) album by an artist called ‘until the ribbon breaks’; his sister Dido’s new album ( ‘The Girl Who Got Away’);his own new project (a book and an album called ‘The Greatest Thing’); the new Paolo Nutini single,’Let Me Down Easy’, and, finally he is also working on a new project with Sister Bliss (that already includes contributions from Kate Tempest, Faris from the Horrors,Jacwob, Marshall Jefferson and Utrb-)- watch this space!
In 2013/14, he took a year off and went to live with his family in Ibiza. That (brilliant) year has just ended.
So back to work .